Homebrew starter kits

beer starter kits nz

These homebrew beer starter kits are a great way to get into brewing for the first time brewer.

They come with everything you need to make your first batch of beer. 

After your first batch,  you just need to purchase another ingredients pack from as low as $24.00 for 23L of beer. that's approx 69 x 330ml bottles!!!!! at just 35 cents per bottle!!!


Making beer with a kit like this is a lot simpler than many people think, Not to mention the cost to make it is ridiculously low.

The Kit Contains:
- 30 L Fermenter
- Thermometer
- Airlock
- Hydrometer
- Brew Bottler
- Brewer's Spoon
- Mangrove Jack's Brewing Ingredients
- Carbonation Drops
- Sanitiser
- Bottle Brush
- 30 x 750ml PET Bottles